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Advantages of the HON 700

I work in human resources for the city and have to deal with many records on a daily basis. There are workers here who only file as a job description—that’s how fast paced the environment is. So when we need a new file cabinet we need a complete filing system. that can be used for the long haul. The file cabinet has to be strong, move fast and consistently perform. This is why we use the Hon 700.

Hon 700 Series Wide Lateral Files prove to be a reliable filing system. Files for the durable Hon 700 are 19 and ¼ inches deep, with full width drawer pullouts. Strength of the storage unit is very important for us since we don’t have to waste with jammed doors and files that wear out after many door slams. The Hon 700 has a three-part telescoping slide suspension that operates on steel ball bearing suspension. This makes the Hon 700 one of the most powerful and reliable files on the market.

Additionally, the versatile Hon 700 has a few extras that help out a lot. Only one drawer can be opened at once, which prevents tipping, which could damage files or lead to door jamming. The system also has a one key core removable lock that opens every drawer with just one turn.

Down at Human Resources we all know the name Hon, as it makes some of the most reliable files available. Why buy your Hon 700

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