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Buying a Stacking Chair for Your Business

Stacking chairs may look simple enough in construction, but the best stacking chair offer excellent comfort to your visitors. This level of comfort cannot be underestimated, especially if you are communicating with clients in a sales pitch or negotiation. The best stacking chairs easily stack on top of each other for quick storage but never sacrifice the comfort the visitor expects.

I work with clients everyday and am expected to make them feel comfortable immediately. Knowing this, I avoid steel folding chairs and lightweight plastic chairs. I prefer the stacking chair that offers a cushioned seat or fabric upholstery. For the main office, I bought ten Hon Pagoda 4070 Series stacking chairs, knowing the upholstery and fan-style back would keep my clients comfortable.

For filling the conference room, I bought the Hon Multi-Purpose Stacking Chair in groups of five, as this type of stacking chair features a tubular frame with a very comfortable cushion seats with stain resistant upholstery. This goes a long way in preventing fatigue, which means better motivated employees as far as I’m concerned. Though I usually buy Hon’s stacking chair line, I have seen Global and Alera series stacking chairs used in offices. My advice would be to sparingly use the proverbial metal or armless stacking chair unless of course you want the visitor to feel stressed—maybe for a job interview?

If you’re looking for a comfortable stacking chair series then I recommend eOfficeDirect. The company offers free shipping and handling on $50.00 and up. Discounts are one thing but when a company offers free shipping on a large piece of furniture that is hard to overlook. The store also offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products, so you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain from very satisfied (and comfy!) clients.

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