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Envelopes for Your Business

Business offices and home offices must include envelopes on their list of office supplies. The manufacturers of office supplies that produce business envelopes are many. In addition, there are as many uses of envelopes as there are manufacturers of them.

Mead by Gilbert manufactures popular 25% cotton, fine business envelopes for standard sized letters. Their smooth finish and heavy weight convey an air of sophistication to their recipient.

Quality Park, a manufacturer of fine office supplies, offers White Wove envelopes. This envelope is a security envelope, which drastically reduces the likelihood of tampering. Concerning office supplies like envelopes a company cannot be too careful to ensure security of business correspondence.

Another security envelope offered by the same manufacturer of office supplies is the 10" x 13" Survivor Tyvek® envelope. Quality Park makes these lightweight envelope office supplies from recycled materials so that they are environmentally sound and they save on postage at the same time. Though the material of these office supplies is lightweight, the DuPont material, Tyvek®, makes it a durable, rip, tear, moisture, and chemical resistant material.

The Survivor Tyvek® 10" x 13" envelope is also one of the most technically advanced of paper office supplies. The envelope’s self-seal strip incorporates a Tamper Indication Panel into its closure that increases its security. After the consumer originally seals the envelope, when anyone reopens it, the word "OPEN" will appear on the strip so that any unauthorized tampering will be evident.

Another manufacturer of office supplies that makes envelopes is Ampad. The Ampad Envirotech™ Natural Brown 60lb. Clasp envelope is an envelope made of heavy, recycled stock through which documents will not show and this makes it a good security envelope. A durable clasp accompanies the seal, which once opened the recipient can reuse.

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