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HON 10700 U-Shaped Desks: Functional and Stylish

The right piece of furniture to an office or business can really change the overall feel of an office. Some furniture is added for functional purposes – it just seems to fit in well with the office space. Other office furniture is purchased more for the style or image in conveys. When it comes to making an investment into office furniture, especially on a large scale, it is important to find the furniture pieces that will guarantee both function and style.

No one wants to sit or work at a desk that is cramped with papers or one that limits a person’s mobility. For these reasons, the HON 10700 series of desks are ones that every office manager or purchasing agent should consider. The HON 10700 series features complete office packages that included desks, drawers, hutches, cabinets, bridges, and shelves.

The quality HON 10700 U-Shaped desk collection is one of the more popular packages available as part of the HON 10700 series. For the busy employee who wishes to avoid the dangers of losing important papers in the clutter of a messy desk, the HON 10700 U-Shaped desk provides the perfect solution. The HON 10700 U-Shaped desk collection is full of features, including ample storage space.

The U-shaped desk version of the best HON 10700 collection also offers a unique adjustable bridge that connects the major sections of the desk and its individual components. The customizable bridge can be installed on either the left or the right side of the HON 10700 desk to accommodate a person’s handedness or the design of an office. The HON 10700 collection is available for purchase at Eofficedirect, an online furniture store that specializes in furniture manufactured by HON. Eofficedirect carries many varieties of HON 10700 furniture and will ship large orders for free!

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