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HON 2 Drawer Lateral File – The Solution for Storage

In today’s busy offices, you can never have enough storage space. Personal files, client records, and general paperwork all need a place to be stored. Though many offices are starting to keep electronic records and files, the potential for electronic data loss or theft makes keeping hard copies of files and records a very wise idea.

In selecting a storage cabinet that will meet all of your office needs, consider purchasing HON 2 drawer lateral files. HON 2 drawer lateral files are sturdy, high-capacity, stylish, and small enough to fit in even the smallest of offices.

HON 2 drawer lateral files are built either out of steel or wood. Each HON 2 drawer file can be purchased in a finish that matches the style of any office, whether it is modern or traditional. With cherry and mahogany finishes on the wooden HON 2 drawer files, you can even bring a touch of class and style to your office. If sturdiness is what you seek in stead of looks, consider the quality HON 2 drawer steel cabinets which come with a black, white, or being finish.

Cabinet keys are very easy to lose. When they disappear, the cabinet becomes useless. The best feature of many of the HON 2 drawer lateral files is that they feature a one-key core removable lock, which makes it easy to re-key the great HON 2 drawer cabinet if the key is ever lost.

HON 2 drawer lateral files can be purchased from Eofficedirect, which specializes in the sale of HON office furniture. The representatives at Eofficedirect can help you choose the perfect HON 2 drawer file for your home or office. With dozens of options for HON 2 drawer files, Eofficedirect and its knowledgeable staff is ready to help.

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