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HON 700 Series for Every Office

HON 700 series by HON is a series of file cabinets including lateral files, shelf files, and open shelf files. If you need any of the above products, I recommend that you purchase them from the HON 700 series because they are high quality products you can purchase at reasonable prices.

HON makes the cabinets in its quality HON 700 series with recessed handles that span the width of the drawer fronts of the cabinets in the HON 700 series. The recessed handle gives cabinets in the HON 700 series a sleek, modern appearance.

To enhance appeal, HON makes cabinets in the HON 700 series in four colors to meet every office décor:

  • Black
  • Light Grey
  • Putty
  • Charcoal

To meet the filing needs of various types of company, each color in the durable HON 700 series is available in various sizes including:

  • 42” 2 Drawer & 36” 2 Drawer
  • 42” 3 Drawer & 36” 3 Drawer
  • 42” 4 Drawer & 36” 4 Drawer
  • 42” 5 Drawer & 36” 5 Drawer
  • 42” 2 Drawer with Storage Cabinet & 36” 2 Drawer with Storage Cabinet

The cabinets in the great HON 700 series can stand-alone or you can gang HON 700 series cabinets. If you gang cabinets in the HON 700 series, you can gang them in inventive ways.

In my office we gang the HON 700 series cabinets from a five-drawer to a three-drawer to a two-drawer and back up to a three-drawer to a five-drawer. Our HON 700 series forms an inverted pyramid shape because of it.

We found a wide variety of HON 700 series at eofficedirect.com so it easy for us to order more from the HON 700 series of cabinets as we need them.

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