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Handy Scotch Tape Office Supplies

In the world of office supplies, the name Scotch Tape is synonymous with invisible permanent rolls of tape. Of course, there are other brands of tape, but of all of the tapes that manufacturers of office supplies offer, Scotch Tape is the best for permanent endurance.

Scotch Tape will not yellow, and it resists tearing. Pens and markers of all kinds can write on Scotch Tape without smudging. In the office, there are endless uses for Scotch Tape, making it necessary to keep it as one of the office supplies that are permanently situated on every desktop.

Scotch Tape dispensers are also highly useful for any desktop. Scotch Tape dispensers are study, nonskid and weighted to allow for convenient one-hand use.

Scotch, specializing in quality and variety of office supplies, offers an extensive line of tape dispensers. Whether a business needs to buy tape dispensers (and other office supplies) at a low cost in bulk or if it wants a tape dispenser that is especially nice to look at, Scotch has the office supplies to meet the need.

For a business that needs economical, affordable office supplies, Scotch offers Tape Dispensers with 1" cores for a 1/2" or 3/4" wide roll of tape that is up to 1500" long. These office supplies are weighted tape dispensers that have non-slip bases so using them with one hand is easy. A consumer can purchase these office supplies for less than three dollars each. It is also available to buy extra cores for this product.

For a business whose taste in office supplies leans toward the contemporary style, Scotch offers designer tape dispensers sporting clear acrylic tops and black bases with squared edges. This dispenser costs a little more but it adds a touch of European elegance to any décor.

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