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How Ergonomic Chairs Can Help

I am in charge of buying office furniture for my law firm. Because of my job, I am required to be familiar with ergonomic design and to be able to explain what ergonomic furniture means to the everyday employee. (And sometimes to the boss who must be convinced to give ergonomic chairs a try)

Ergonomics involves how companies design tasks and work areas to maximize efficiency and employee quality. However, there is another side to understanding ergonomics and for example, ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs involve health, safety and comfort as well efficiency. Ergonomics is called the applied science of equipment design and reduces fatigue and discomfort just as well as it gets more efficient performance.

I bought the HON Unanimous 24-Hour Task series of quality ergonomic chairs for the office. This product of ergonomic chairs is built for personalized comfort and included pneumatic seat height adjustment, back height adjustment, tilt and tension control, adjustable arms (in height and width) and has upholstery made of 52% acrylic and 48% polyester. The upholstery is also stain resistant and the ergonomic chairs’ base is made from a high impact polymer base for increased protection.

Ergonomic chairs actually improve employee performance because they eliminate unproductive fatigue. So whenever good ergonomic chairs are discussed, you know it’s a matter related to comfort and to applied science, not just motivating the workers to work that much harder.

I bought four ergonomic chairs for the office and ordered them through eOfficeDirect.com. This online company offers a selection of ergonomic chairs at competitive prices. What’s best about shopping at eofficedirect.com is that the company pays for shipping costs. Order ergonomic chairs or any office furniture over $50.00 and you get your products for free. I recommend using eOfficeDirect.com as your online retail store and ergonomic chairs as a great way to improve office efficiency.

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