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Innovative Staplers & Office Supplies by Swingline

Staplers are necessary office supplies for business offices. The most convenient way to group papers together is with a staple. Staplers (or some form of paper fastener) are office supplies that have been in development for 300 years.

The first company that made the stapler easy to use was Swingline. Prior to 1930, staplers were office supplies that were troublesome because of how difficult it was to insert the staples into the contraption. Swingline, in 1930, invented a stapler that opens from the top so that anyone could easily load it.

Since 1930, Swingline has been manufacturing office supplies that continue to raise the standard in the stapling industry. The Swingline LightTouch™ Heavy-Duty Stapler is a metal stapler with a light touch. It can staple 20 to 120 pages with a single size staple.

All of the staplers in the LightTouch™ line of staplers require half the force of traditional staplers to staple up to 120 pages. These modern Swingline staplers are also very easy to load.

Another line of office supplies that Swingline manufactures is electric staplers. These save a good deal of time for any office employee. They simply have to touch the stack of papers that they wish to fasten into the throat of the stapler and the stapler will do all of the work. A practical electric stapler from Swingline’s line of office supplies is the Electric Speed Pro Full Strip Stapler with Staple Remover.

This Speed Pro Stapler will staple up to 20 pages at one time and up to 210 pages without adding staples. It has a throat depth that is adjustable from ½" to 1½" and an easy to use front-loading system. Considering that staple removers are valuable office supplies, it is convenient that this stapler includes a staple remover.

All of the office supplies made by Swingline are innovative and convenient for anyone in the office to use.

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