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Paper & Office Supplies by Smead

When ordering paper, it is environmentally friendly to choose the paper goods that are made of at least partially recycled materials. If every office were to choose office supplies made even of 10% recycled materials, they would make a significant impact on the environment.

Smead is a fine example of a manufacturer of paper that uses recycled materials but does not compromise quality. Smead supplies are among the strongest and most durable in the office supply industry. They offer file folders, hanging file folders, and file labels that all have a reputation of superior reliability.

Smead constructs over 75% of its paper office supplies from a minimum of 10% post consumer products. This reduces the amount of paper in our nation’s landfills by 12,000 tons annually.

Smead office supplies are innovative and convenient. Its SmartStrip® Labeling System is an example of such. The color-coded filing systems of the SmartStrip® Labeling System are among the most sophisticated and efficient filing systems available. The only drawback to color-coded filing is the need for the tedious task of applying multiple sticky labels onto folders. The SmartStrip® system eliminates this need by using software and computers to use a single strip for all of the indexing for each file.

Smead is an innovative company that has been in the business of manufacturing office supplies for over one hundred years. In 1906 when Charles Smead invented the Bandless File, the precursor to all modern files, he started Smead Manufacturing. Since then Smead has continued to offer the finest organizational offices supplies on the market.

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