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Universal Eight-Section Pressboard Classification Folder

It’s coming up on the year’s end, and what do people need more than filing supplies so they can get organized for the next year’s business? Well, filing supplies, and especially industrial strength file folders are tops of many companies’ lists. Companies know that their filing system is only as good as the products they use to comprise it.

Among the best file folders on the market today is the Universal eight-section pressboard classification folder. These Universal file folders have sturdy 25 pt. pressboard covers to protect sensitive file contents. All folders have 2/5 cut tabs right of center with Kraft dividers for easy identification of the files.

The Universal file folders are extremely sturdy with Tyvek® reinforced gussets. The file folders contain 30% minimum post-consume recycled material so the folders are constructed to be industrial strength to withstand the beatings that often-used folders endure on a daily basis.

Universal eight-section file folders have eight sections for easy sub-filing classification. The file folders come with 8 fasteners so many attachments can be attached to the file. The file folders expand to 3-inches to allow for extra large document storage. The Universal file folders come in letter size for easy handling.

Universal file folders are available in 10 folders to a box for easy shipping. They come in the color red so they can be used to notate important files.

Please see eOfficeDirect,com for other Best Selling File Folders that will make your year-end organization easier than you ever thought it before. You will find many other Universal and HON file folders that will make short work of the re-organization of your files now and for the next year, and all of the times in between. Rest assured your files are organized into an industrial-strength filing system with Universal eight-section pressboard classification folders.

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