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Where Can I Buy Training Tables For Less?

I am a training manager for a major telecommunications company in the Midwest and much of my work involves instructing new employees. I speak to large groups usually in conference rooms and arrange for continuing education in company policy. This is where training tables come in. Our office needs training tables so that employees can sit down and concentrate and take notation if necessary.

What kind of training tables are in my office right now? I keep Hon 61000 series training tables, a type of table series that you can mix and match. Using a 61000 connector, you can build an open rectangular shape made up of two training tables put together. This is the ideal seating scenario for our company as it allows employees to listen to instruction and face the front of the room in case I have a projector that I plan to use.

These Hon training tables have T-mold edging, which makes for an extra smooth feel and include attachment brackets for building a larger area. When it comes to recommending training tables, I can only recommend Hon products, as they are the only ones I’ve purchased—but the only brand I have ever needed. They are affordable and designed with comfort and professionalism in mind.

If you need training tables then I would suggest trying out eOfficeDirect. They are the online retailer that I used to order my Hon 61000 series. I was surprised to learn that shipping costs for my training tables were free. It turns out that any order on training tables or other items of office furniture that totals over $50.00 qualifies for free shipping. Given the size of training tables and what other companies would charge to transport these units, that’s too great of a deal to pass up.

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