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Why I Chose the 210 Hon 5 Drawer

I am a doctor of psychology and have just recently relocated to a new state. I am in the process of hiring a filing clerk and receptionist to process paperwork and keep track of my important records. When it came time to choose a new file cabinet, I was primarily concerned with the neatness and organization factors. I don’t have time to dig through messy files and my preference is that my file cabinets remain in near-perfect condition.

I chose the 210 Hon 5 Drawer Series not only for its extra room (28 and ½ deep and five drawers as opposed to the usual three) but also because the Hon 5 drawer was designed as a file system that was easy to organize. Inside the Hon 5 drawer, there are spring-loaded followers that block in drawers to keep files upright and neatly standing. I also liked the fact that there are high drawer sides on the Hon 5 drawer, which can hang file folders. That way I no longer need those ugly hang rails hanging off the sides.

When it came time for me to buy my quality Hon 5 drawer, I searched online for the best price available. One online furniture store selling Hon 5 drawers stood out from the others for two particular items.

First, eOfficeDirect.com offered free shipping on all orders over $50.00, which is practically every order. Second, I noticed that eofficedirect.com also offered discounts for purchasing quality Hon 5 Drawers in quantities. If there’s a way I can buy two Hon 5 drawers for less money then it’s definitely something I will consider. I recommend eofficedirect.com and their Hon 5 drawer series not only for their on-time delivery, but also for their common sense: a discount is only a discount when there’s no other fees attached!

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