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Why I Like the Alera Traditional Square Corner Veneer Bookcase

I work as an attorney and thus I have a lot of books in my office. I have frequent visitors and they all have come to admire the “look” of the place, especially in the little details. I want to convey a feeling of success and so I would not have any place for a cheap looking shelf or desk. When I went shopping for a good bookcase I was looking for a work of art.

This is why the bookcase from Alera really caught me attention. It’s called the Traditional Square Corner Veneer Bookcase. It’s made of medium oak wood, which is of very good quality and has a UV finish. It shows, because the bookcase shines and looks very smooth and polished.

The bookcase has five shelves, four of which are adjustable. It stands 60 inches high, which is just about the right size for my office. It is ¾ inches think with shelves at 11 and ¾ inches deep. The impressive bookcase shelves are very strong and can support up to 100 pounds of big, thick books, which of course I need for my practice.

The sturdy bookcase is made with high-density particleboard construction and has dowel and cam-lock fasteners that make the shelves very firm when they are locked into place. Adjustable bookcases don’t always have that strong quality, which I admire.

I bought my bookcase from eOfficeDirect.com. Besides selling the Alera bookcase for a great price, they also provided free shipping. That saved me a lot of money on extra cost. Who cares about a discount if you have to pay $20.00 extra to get the bookcase shipped to you? I highly recommend the Alera Traditional Square Corner Veneer Bookcase and eOfficeDirect.com for shipping it a better than fair price!

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