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Buying Guide: Binders


From storing, presenting proposals and reference, binders are a mainstay in any office environment. Binders are available in many colors, styles, and prices. The most important factor in purchasing binders is to determine how the binder will be utilized. Once the use has been identified, buyers can compare various features to determine the binder style that fits their needs. Binders have special features and unique benefits to maximize the value of the product you select based on your needs and the binder types.

Product Choices:

Presentation binders are ideal for showcasing proposals or manuals. Some presentation binders come in an easel format for display. Most presentation binders are made with a clear vinyl sleeve on both the cover and spine for inserting information pertaining to the subject being presented.

Reference binders are more durable for frequent use. Reliable rings keep pages secure. Spine and cover identification provide increased organization.

Storage binders are also durable for frequent use, heavy duty and archival-safe. They stand easily and can be pulled from a shelf. Reliable rings keep pages secure. Some other types of storage binders include: data binders, which would include nylon posts in various capacities up to 6”; post or ledger binders that include post sections for up to a 3” capacity.

Features To Consider:

Ring Size & Capacity
Ring binders can come in a variety of shapes including the Round Ring or the Slant (D) Ring depending on the needs of the buyer. The size of the ring offered by most suppliers range from 1/2 inch up to 6 inches in capacity. The larger the ring, the more sheets of paper the binder can hold. Also, these rings can be locking which prevents gapping and securely holds your documents in place.

Sheet Capacity
Sheet capacity depends on the size and shape of the ring. A Slant (D) Ring holds up to 25% more than a Round Ring. For example, a 3” Slant (D) Ring has a sheet capacity of 600 where as the 3” Round Ring has a capacity of 460 sheets.

Sheet Capacity Guide
Ring Size
1/2” 1” 1 1/2” 2” 3” 4” 5”
Round 100 175 275 375 460 - -
Slant - 220 350 480 600 700 950
EZD 120 275 400 540 670 780 1050

Cover Material
Cover material is important when considering the use of the binder. Pressboard and recycled paper are ideal for storage while vinyl, plastic, or leather materials are better suited for presentation.

Buying Tips

  1. Remember to include the cost of accessories such as post binder screw posts, steel hooks for hanging files, binder dividers and sheet lifters.
  2. Consider if you have a need for internal pockets for extra storage or easy access to documents.
  3. Choose a color that compliments your presentation or helps to organize your filing.
  4. Decide if the sheets need to be accessible or if top and bottom loading with post binding fits your needs.
  5. Consider if you need clear vinyl sleeves to insert covers on the binder.

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