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Buying Guide: Records Storage (box)


Even with the onslaught of the digital age, record management still plays a vital role in an office environment. From permanent files to alternative forms of storage for records that are accessed more often, different types of records storage solutions are available. Determining your needs up front will allow you to make an informed buying decision.

Product Choices:

Semi-Active Storage
Semi-Active storage is ideal for files that need to be retained for occasional reference. File drawers systems build into the storage box are recommended to make the files easy to access.

Inactive Storage
Inactive Storage is for records that are to be permanently stored and rarely accessed. Inactive storage boxes should open from the top and are the most cost-effective means for storage.

Features to Consider:

File Drawers
File drawers are recommended for semi-active record storage. Boxes can be stacked on top of each other to maximize space while still maintaining access.

Boxes are recommended for inactive storage of records. Boxes open from the top for access to the files. Stax cubes may be used with boxes to take advantage of vertical space and accessibility.

Easy Set-up
Easy set-up storage systems fold quickly to significantly reduce set-up time.

Box Strength
Heavy-duty boxes will allow for more secure stacking than medium-duty boxes.

Color Coding
Color-coded box sides, drawers, and labels can speed up productivity by improving accessibility and organization.

Lid Closure
Lid closures on box storage systems include the string and button, lift-off lid, locking lid and attached lid. Depending on the needs of the user, each closure has its own unique benefit. String and button is good for a secure closure. The lift-off lid is good for frequently accessed files. Locking lids interlocks with handle to improve box security. The attached lid prevents accidental loss of the lid.

Box Size
A variety of box sizes are available depending on the need of the record storage. Sizes include standard letter and legal size and 24” letter and legal sizes.

Buying Tips:

  1. When making a records storage purchase you should consider how often the records will be accessed.
  2. The storage space where the boxes will be placed should be reviewed to determine if the boxes will need to be stacked or if shelving is available.
  3. Determine if space or cost is a bigger priority when purchasing a storage system.
  4. Consider the storage space and if moisture-proof systems are necessary.
  5. Prioritize your needs to decide which type of lid/closure will work best with your records.

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