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How to become More Organized (filing tips)

Here Are Some Helpful Hints To File Away.

Keeping your paperwork and office records organized can be a job in itself. In fact, it has been estimated that disorganized office spaces and record-keeping can waste up to 150 hours per employee every year. So to keep your office working efficiently, and to help you get out the door on time, we have a special gift for you this holiday season - these invaluable organizational tips:

Why in-boxes are in this year.
There’s no law that says these handy tools can only be used for incoming or outgoing mail or that you can only have two on your desk. Label and stack as many as you need to efficiently classify and organize the documents that cross your desk. For instance, you could have one each for needs “filing,”“requires response,” “hot projects,” “do today,” etc.

Sometimes bigger is better.
Try big filing cabinets and you’ll never go back - have at least one filing cabinet large enough to easily accommodate your largest documents. It’s far easier to subdivide a large filing cabinet with interior file folders than forcing larger ones into a filing system that’s too small.

All the latest styles and colors.
If you’re not using color-coded tabbed files now, you should be. They can help you quickly identify the files you’re looking for and help assure they’ll go back in the right order. Another helpful hint: keep a file-sized piece of poster board or rigid plastic near the filing cabinet. By inserting it in the place where you remove a file, you’ll know where to return the file when you’re through.

Moving ahead
Filled filing cabinets are heavy and a pain in the back to empty and move. Unless there’s no chance you, your department or company will move, you’ll find filing cabinets with castors easy to maneuver and well worth your while.

Moving out
Every business steadily accumulates old, non-active files-don’t let your office area become the storage area for them. At the beginning of the month or quarter, make it a point to move these files from your filing cabinets to a storage box, and then to a designated storage area. Each storage box should have a label listing the contents, and you may want keep a master index of all stored files in your office. Need to designate a file area? Resist the basement - choose a place that’s secure, dry and well above ground level in the event of a flood.

The miracle file
When it comes to organization, there’s no more important file in your office than the circular one - but you have to know how to use it. Toss everything you know you’re not going to use in your waste basket or recycling bin as it reaches your desk - that includes magazines, mailings, announcements, as well as any printed material that’s available electronically. Then, occasionally review and honestly evaluate what’s on your desk and in your files - and toss those dated memos, old magazines and outdated flyers. They’re not worth the paper they’re printed on. The one exception to this rule, of course, is The Source. That’s because it’s filled with information that’s both timeless and invaluable - and that’s brought to you each month by your friends at your local independent office products dealer.

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