Brother 411 Brougham Typestyle Printwheel

Item Number: BRT411

Package Size: 1 Each
Use printwheel in all Daisywheel typewriters and word processors, except 8300 and 9300.
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Delivery estimate: 9/19/2014
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Brother 402 Prestige Typestyle Printwheel
Description Specifications Reviews
  • Use printwheel in all Daisywheel typewriters and word processors, except 8300 and 9300.

Shipping Weight: 0.05 lbs.

Compatibility Brother TypeWriters: AX10 AX12 AX12M AX15 AX15M AX20 AX22 AX24 AX25 AX250 AX26 AX28 AX300 AX325 AX350 AX400 AX425 AX450 AX475 AX500 AX525 AX550 AX600 AX625 CE222 CE25 CE333 CE35 CE40 CE400 CE45 CE50 CE50XL CE555 CE58 CE60 CE65 CE666 CE68 CE70 CM1000 COM300 COM300M COM310 CORRECTRONIC140 CORRECTRONIC145 CORRECTRONIC300 CORRECTRONIC300M CORRECTRONIC310 CORRECTRONIC320 CORRECTRONIC340 CORRECTRONIC350 CORRECTRONIC355 CORRECTRONIC360 CORRECTRONIC380 EM250 EM30 EM31 EM350 EM350E EM401 EM411 EM430 EM450 EM530 EM550 EM601 EM605 EM605SP EM611 EM630 EM701 EM701FX EM711 EM721FX EM750FX EM811 EM811FX EM85 GX6000 GX6500 GX6750 GX7000 GX7500 GX7750 GX8000 GX8250 GX8500 GX8750 GX9000 GX9500 GX9750 ML-100 ML-300 ML500 PRO400 PRO420 PRO440 PRO460 PRO80 PRO95 SX14 SX16 SX23 SX4000 WP1150 WP1250 WP1350DS WP1400D WP1450DS WP1500D WP1600D WP1700MDS WP1800 WP200 WP2200 WP230B WP2400 WP2410 WP2410DS WP2450DS WP2500Q WP2600Q WP2800Q WP330MDS WP335B WP3400 WP3410 WP3550 WP3600D WP3650D WP3900DS WP480 WP490 WP4U WP500 WP510 WP55 WP5500DS WP5550MDS WP5550MDSPLUS WP5600MDS WP5750DS WP5850MDS WP5900MDS WP60 WP620 WP65 WP650 WP660 WP660E WP680 WP700D WP720 WP75 WP760D WP760DPLUS WP80 WP800MDS WP800MDSSP WP85 WP90 WP900MDS WP95 WPT470 WPT480 ZX1700 ZX1900 ZX30 ZX3000 ZX50
Country of OriginUS
Device TypesTypewriter, Printer, Word Processor
Global Product TypePrintwheels
Pitch Selections10
Product Model411
Product Name411 Brougham Typestyle Printwheel
Product TypeTypewriter Print Wheel
Type StyleBrougham
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