Universal Message Stamp, FAXED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red

Item Number: UNV10054

Package Size: 1 Each
Get your message across with a crisp, clean impression delivered by the microporous ink surface
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Delivery estimate: 9/23/2014
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Message Stamp, APPROVED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, COMPLETED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Ink Message Stamp, CANCELLED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, CONFIDENTIAL, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, DRAFT, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, ENTERED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, FAXED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, for DEPOSIT ONLY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, FILE, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, E-MAILED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, ORIGINAL, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, PAID, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, PAST DUE, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, POSTED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, RECEIVED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, RUSH, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, URGENT, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Red Message Stamp, VOID, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, FILE COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue Message Stamp, MAILED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue
Message Stamp, APPROVED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, COMPLETED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue InkMessage Stamp, CANCELLED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, CONFIDENTIAL, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, DRAFT, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, ENTERED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, FAXED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, for DEPOSIT ONLY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, FILE, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, E-MAILED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, ORIGINAL, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, PAID, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, PAST DUE, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, POSTED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, RECEIVED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, RUSH, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, URGENT, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, RedMessage Stamp, VOID, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, FILE COPY, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, BlueMessage Stamp, MAILED, Pre-Inked/Re-Inkable, Blue
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Description Specifications Reviews
  • Get your message across with a crisp, clean impression delivered by the microporous ink surface
  • Soft-touch grip provides effortless stamping
  • Flip-open lid prevents accidental messes
  • Lasts for thousands of impressions
  • Stamp Type: Message; Message(s): FAXED; Ink Types: Pre-Inked; Re-Inkable; Number of Lines: N/A.

Shipping Weight: 0.09 lbs.

Compliance, StandardsTAA Compliant
Frame/Housing Material(s)ABS Plastic
Global Product TypeStamps-Message
Impression Height9/16 in
Impression Width1 11/16 in
Ink Color(s)Red
Ink TypesPre-Inked, Re-Inkable
Stamp TypeMessage
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