Hey guys,   Ever heard of the HON benching system called Empower?  No?  Well, you're in the right place!  Check out the 2 minute video below to learn about this exciting, versatile and contemporary furniture line:   Pretty neat huh?  Give us a call so we can tell you a little more about it and answer any questions you may have!   Thanks for stopping by!   Todd Blogger/Furniture Guy  
Thank a teacher. This year, National Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7-11, 2018. Join the National PTA and National Education Association to thank a teacher. How can you celebrate and thank a teacher for delivering so much?  Enjoy these free editable certificate  and some promotional product ideas for thanking your teachers. Celebrate with these recognition ideas and some promotional products for teachers. Thank a teacher on Social Media Take a photo or share a story on social media thanking a...
Etiquette is defined as having polite behavior in society. How about being polite in the break room?!  Here are our four steps to the best practices for the break room.   1. Respect Others This should speak for itself, but this is rule #1. Remember that your co-workers also use this space. Help maintain a pleasant enviroment by keeping the conversation light and keeping the office gossip out of the breakroom.  You may want to consider what postings you keep...


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