“How about a chair to help my back”?

“How about a chair to help my back”?

Hey gang!


I’m Todd, your new Furniture contact here at eofficedirect.  Next time you have a question, need a quote or want some furniture design for those bigger projects, please let me know. I’m happy to help!


I’ve been selling office chairs for a long time and one request I get more than any other is, “How about a chair to help my back”?  When someone comes to me with back pain, the first chair I usually send is the HON 7800 series and it rarely comes back to me!  Why, you ask?  This chair has what HON calls a “Curvilinear Back” which provides nice lumbar support, as well as a comfy “shoulder-height recess to cradle the upper spine”.  The “wave formed” seat, similar to a padded tractor seat, makes you sit back in the chair, providing good back, hip and leg support. You can see what I’m talking about, in the photo below.  Pretty sweet huh?


Now, this chair doesn’t have a titanium frame, a mesh back or polished chrome hi-lights, nothing fancy like that.  But, you can get it loaded with all kinds of features like a sliding seat pan, adjustable arms, back height adjustment and the list go on!


So, if you find yourself with an achy back and wanna try a new chair, consider the HON 7800 series. Check it out here on our site:


Until next time,


Todd Taylor

EOD Furniture Guy/Blogger

Remember, the day is too long and life is too short, to sit in an uncomfortable chair!

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