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You may have heard the saying, “sitting is the new smoking”.  Well, turns out, not so much.  I read a few articles on the subject and it seems a little extreme to compare the effects of sitting in a chair, to smoking.


That said, sitting all day isn’t the best thing for your health, but neither is standing.  “The key is breaking up your activity throughout the day,” said Alan Hedge, a professor of ergonomics at Cornell University. “Sitting all day and standing all day are both bad for you”.  You can read more from the Wall Street Journal, here


Enter Sit-To-Stand.  First, what is a Sit-to-Stand workstation?  It’s simply a height adjustable table or desk or a desk convertor, sometimes with monitor holder, that allows you to, well…sit down or stand up while you work. Here's one you simply put on top of your existing desk:

                    LLR-81974             $156

Here is a nice video from our friends at HON about their Coordinate Height Adjustable Base.  It has some good information on how to correctly use a height adjustable table.  Check it out! 



Victor makes a variety of nice products.  Check out the video, to see them in action:  


Want to learn more? Here is a good article for employers and employees about the pros and cons of sit-to-stand workstations. 



Now that you know a little more about Sit-To-Stand, give us a call so we can help you find the right product for your office!



Well, I’m gonna take a seat for a minute or two, because I’ve been standing while writing this.  Hmmm...wonder if this counts as exercise...?


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