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I went to a big box retailer this weekend and there it was.  The Back To School section.  It was big, the bins and shelves were full of supplies. There were people crowding in, examining the plethora of colors and neatly arranged options all around them.  There were a few moms with kids walking quietly thru the area, choosing the perfect supplies for their little Cherubs.


But, this is just the beginning.  The crowds will get bigger, the tension will rise and the once tidy shelves will be laid waste, with pieces and parts scattered all over.  Those poor parents that waited until the last days to go shopping, will find themselves rummaging thru the dregs of what was.


Once you get your kid the tools to succeed at school, don’t forget about providing the same for home.  Instead of plopping them down at the kitchen table why not consider their own personal study area, much like your own home office, this is a place, that’s all theirs, to study and get homework out of the way.   Check out this perfect combination below:


This is a great little desk and would look really nice in your home.  At 44" wide and 22" deep it doesn't take much room at all, but yet provides plenty of space for books, a lamp, a laptop and supplies.  Plus the shelves are a nice touch to help keep books and binders organized and out of the way. 


 Here is a simply, comfy chair from HON called the Volt.  For less than $150 you can get a chair that will last for many years and warrantied for life!

Now, plan that back to school shopping trip and don't wait, go early.  While you're out, pick up a few things for you're kids new "home-work office".  Once your back home, call us we'll be happy to help you find the perfect combination for you, your home and your kids!



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