Etiquette is defined as having polite behavior in society. How about being polite in the break room?!  Here are our four steps to the best practices for the break room.


1. Respect Others

This should speak for itself, but this is rule #1. Remember that your co-workers also use this space. Help maintain a pleasant enviroment by keeping the conversation light and keeping the office gossip out of the breakroom.  You may want to consider what postings you keep up in the breakroom.  Could they be considered offensive to someone else?  The breakroom is an extension of your office space, we all have to be here together.  

2. Keep it Clean

We have a sign posted in our breakroom. It says "This is a self cleaning kitchen. Clean up after yourself."  Throw away your trash in the waste can and wipe off the counters and table top when you're finished. If you see a mess, clean it up. Don't leave the microwave mess for the next person to clean up.   Thank you to the person that makes the office coffee in the morning.  The later folks may want to show their appreciation and clean the coffee pot at the end of day.  Share the responsibilities!


3. Respect the Refrigerator

It is not a buffet. Eat what belongs to you.   We also don't need to see your science project that is growing in the fridge.  Remove all your food and your food containers when they are empty.

If you don't have an ice maker, take turns filling up the ice trays.   It's not really nice to use up the ice and then leave the trays empty for the next person to fill. 


4. Take a break!

Don't discuss work related issues in the breakroom. It's a BREAKROOM - take a breather from the work routine. Need some help?  Try adding some board games or card games on the table. 

 It really just comes down to being polite and being aware of others.  Now, go take a break!

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