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Hello America!


I hope y’all had a great time over the holidays and made some nice new memories.  I love the start of a new year.  I’m not really a resolution maker, but I do set paths to follow in an effort to “do life better” and reach some goals I’m aiming for.  Maybe you’re one of those folks that sees the new year as a fresh start to do things differently from last year.  If so, I wish you the best!


I have tons of stuff to talk about this year and I’m excited to share it all with you. For example: I will spotlight our Vendors, who make all the great products we sell.  I’ll tell you about trends in the marketplace, as well as new products I think you outta see. I’ll write about things beyond Furniture, that will help you improve your work space and  your health.  I will highlight manufacturers and their products that are Green or Earth Friendly, as well as those made in the USA. 


Today I want to introduce FireKing.  They make a wide range of fireproof files, cash boxes and safes. Why Fireking?  Because stuff happens, it’s a new year and it’s better to be safe than sorry (pun intended). Check out these videos to learn more about FireKing and how dog gone tough their products are!



So, if you have important papers, media files, a pile of cash or say a collection of REO Speedwagon CD's you want to protect, FireKing has the safe for you.  Call us so we can help you find the perfect one and remember, we can deliver it right to your office!


Happy New Year everyone!



EOD Furniture Guy / Blogger / REO Fan

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