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Today I wanna share something that may be new to you.  It’s a colorful line of seating by Safco that they call Active Seating.  It consists of ball chairs, “active” stools and the like.  Safco has designed this unusual collection of seating to fit every group from little crumb crunchers to High School & College students, even  the office.  Let’s take a look!


Here Is the Vinyl Zenergy Ball Chair.  This chair has been endorsed by GEI.  Here are some great testimonials by GEI folks, that reviewed it after a test run in the classroom.


 Vinyl Zenergy™ Ball Chair


Model # 4753

  • Ball chair
  • Anti-burst 17 ½" exercise ball covered in vinyl
  • Fully inflated ball, seat height is 23" and will lower when occupied
  • May help support better posture and balance
  • Use as alternative desk chair, in meeting areas or gathering spaces
  • Four powder coated legs and stationary glides for stability
  • Pump included with ball chair
  • Available in vinyl fabrics Canter, Canyon, Dillon, Phoenix, Persuasion, Vibe and Whisper


Here’s one of my favorites in the line called Twixt.  Maybe because it makes me think of Twix candy, but either way, I still think it’s a neat stool.  It’s available in two different heights and plenty of fabric options.


 Twixt® Active Seating Chair, Desk-Height and  Extended-Height

                   Model # 3000GN                                                      Model # 3001GN

  • Flexible ring under base allows user to adjust angle of sit and provides movement for an active experience
  • Height adjustable to fit a variety of users and work surfaces
  • Built in handle under seat for easy portability
  • Supports where and how you like to work
  • Designed to help support better posture and balance
  • Upholstered seat with 360° Swivel
  • Designed by Thomas Walser


Now check out the Runtz Ball Chair featured below.  Here’s a video from Safco telling a little more about it.


Runtz™ Ball Chair

Model # 4755BL


  • Ball chair with anti-burst exercise ball
  • Designed to help children stay active and help support better posture and balance
  • Four powder coated legs and stationary glides provide stability and durability
  • Great for use in homes, schools or waiting rooms
  • Fully inflated, seat height is 17" and will lower when occupied
  • Pump included with ball chair
  • Part of the Safco Active™ line; Safco Active products are designed to promote active movement throughout the day and engage major muscle groups to help combat the negative effects of inactivity in many classrooms


How 'bout those for some funky new options to brighten your classroom or office?  Well, Safco has plenty more, some of which I will feature in a later blog.  Want to see 'em now?  Check out this brochure!


If your interested in learning more or would like to see some pricing and options, just email us or give us a call.  We're happy to help!


See yall next week!



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