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I grew up in the South.  I also grew up in church.  I mean old school church.  Ones with a choir, a well suited pastor, standing behind the pulpit and the congregation seated in wooden pews.  The music was a graceful piano, leading us as we sang from the Baptist Hymnal.


The church I attend now, is nowhere close to looking or sounding like that! The pastor is in jeans and an untucked shirt, speaking into a headset, in front of a stage accented with TV monitors.  On the stage are lots of speakers, cables and microphones to project the sounds ranging from acoustic guitars, keyboards, a flute, to a rockin' electric base.  There are  mics  for the back up singers and their tambourines.  No choir robes here!


Needless to say, things have changed.  Pulpits are being replaced by lecture stands that are much less imposing.  Instead of pews, you see more and more cushioned chairs, not only to be more inviting and comfortable, but to add flexibility, color & mobility to a meeting space.  In a word, church is becoming more casual.


Well, here at eOfficeDirect we can meet the changing needs of any church.  Let us outfit your space with desks for the front office and chairs for the front lounge.  We have you covered with tables for the conference room, folding tables for the fellowship hall and chairs for the front row of your fellowship seating!  We can even set up your nursery with fun, functional and colorful furniture.  Oh yeah, how about your Cafe or break room area?


If your congregation is looking to change things up or add some new touches to your meeting place, give us a call.  At EOD we're changing right along with you and can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Thanks Y’all and see you next time!



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