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This month has given us the beginning of new year and now, the beginning of a new era in our government.  It’s January 20, 2017, Inauguration day for our new president.   It should make all of us swell up with pride that our great nation transfers so much power, so seamlessly, from one man to another.

Today, I want to continue my thoughts from last week about the sit to stand movement.  Below I have a few links to some articles, I think you may find interesting, about the health benefits of standing more while at work.

First, here's something a little fun.  It's a calculator to see how many more calories you can burn while standing versus sitting. 

Try it out here!


This is a rather long article, but a good one.  I chose this line from the text as a nice summation:   “…sitting sucks. For everyoneAnd if we sat less, we would be leaner, healthier people.”

Red the full article here.


Here is a nice article with some specifics on the health benefits of standing more.

7 Benefits of a standing desk

For your convenience, I've summed up the article below:

  1. Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

Bottom Line: Standing for an afternoon has been shown to burn 170 more calories than an equal amount of sitting. Over time, this difference can have a major effect on your weight.

  1. Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Bottom Line: Studies show that using a standing desk at work can lower blood sugar levels, especially after lunch.

  1. Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Bottom Line: It is widely accepted that the more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of developing heart disease.

  1. Standing Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain

Bottom Line: Several studies show that standing desks can dramatically decrease chronic back pain caused by prolonged sitting.

  1. Standing Desks Help Improve Mood and Energy Levels

Bottom Line: One study found that standing desks can lower feelings of stress and fatigue, while improving mood and energy levels.

  1. Standing Desks May Even Boost Productivity

Bottom Line: Studies show that standing desks do not have negative effects on daily work tasks, such as typing. On the contrary, they may even boost productivity slightly in the long-run.

  1. Standing More May Help You Live Longer

Bottom Line: Research suggests that reduced sitting time may lower your risk of dying early and therefore help you live longer.


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