Have you ever heard of onboarding?  If not, here is a quick explanation:

"The concept of onboarding...refers to the process that focuses on helping employees to become acclimated to their workplace and bringing them “on board” with regard to company culture, understanding of job function and overall comfort level."

Here at eOfficeDirect were in the process of renewing our company vision, strengthening our core values and defining what makes us, us.  We have a team that meets regularly to work out the details that will enable us to achieve our goals and fulfill our company vision. 

One aspect of this process is utilizing the onboarding idea, for all employees.  We encourage everyone to ask for those things, from desk accessories to furniture, that will help weave them into the fabric of our company.  By doing so we’re strengthening the ties that bind us together.  We want to tell each member, all of us with different roles, different paychecks and different impacts on our success, that he or she is a valuable part of our team.

So how can we help you? 

COLOR – In our office we have embroidered shirts, hats and even the panel fabric of our workstations reflect our “colors”.  It’s great!  Our employees and our clients know they are walking into an office that’s united.  As you can imagine we have a plethora of chairs to choose from around here.  Those in our company colors tend to stand out above all the others.  Whatever the colors of your logo, we have a fabric to make your chairs part of your image.  It's a great way to remind anyone who comes in the office, where they are and what they are part of.  You can start here on our site.


ECO-FRIENDLY – If one of the defining passions of your company is to treat our planet with more respect and protect its future resources, we are here to help.  We work with many companies that share the same concerns as you.  Here’s a blog I wrote about OFM furniture and their green initiatives.   Click here to see a huge variety of green products, not just furniture.


COMPANY CULTURE – There is a wave of new trends that are changing the way we work today.  More and more people are working from home.  Sales of Sit to Stand desk are on the rise (ha).  Many companies are exchanging cubicles for collaborative spaces, where folks can work together more easily and comfortably.

  • If your company places value on the health of your employees consider Sit to Stand options
  • Like eOfficeDirect you may see teamwork as a core value. That’s where collaborative spaces will truly change the way you work.
  • Do you have more and more team members working from home? We can make furnishing those offices easy and inexpensive.


I joined a marketing webinar the other day and walked away with this little nugget: “Visible is valuable.”  Your logo is your brand - your colors, your text, your design.  Bring it to life with chairs reflecting those colors. Tell your story with the open spaces and healthy aspects of your office.  Show the value you have for the environment with green products.

Be visible for your employees and your clients!



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