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If you’re rollin’ with the cool kids, then you know this Sunday is the beginning of Fire Prevention Week.  If you wanna learn more about it, check out the National Fire Protection Association’s page here.

You’ll find lots of videos, a coloring book for the kids you can download and valuable information designed to help you avoid and escape a fire emergency.  They even have lessons to aid you in designing your home fire escape plan.

Once mom & dad, the "crumb crunchers" and all the critters are part of a good fire escape route, now it’s time to think of those other things you may want to protect.  Valuable documents, musical instruments, a pile of cash or that sweet REO Speedwagon CD collection, could all get lost in a fire.  A house fire is bad enough.  Why add the loss of such irreplaceable things as family photo's, letters, family research documents and the like.

Check out our great selection of fire safes and cabinets where you can store & protect your stuff.   And, here’s a bonus for you!  FireKing is running a promotional right now where you could win $2K when you buy a file safe!  Don’t see exactly what your looking for?  Just give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect fit. 

 If you have a few minutes, here is nice video from FireKing, that gives a great introduction to the company, including the variety and quality of the products they manufacture.  Check it out:


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