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“Volvo.  Boxy, but good".  Remember that line from the movie “Crazy People”?  That’s sorta the way storage and file cabinets used to be.  They weren’t as exciting as a flashy new chair or carry the feel and look of a nice wooden desk.  But they worked great for what they did.   And what they did was sit still, over there and quietly hold our stuff. 


Your desk can reflect your personality.  It can make it easier for you to do your job.  It can add gravitas to your office space.  While you sit in your chair, it can change the way you feel.  The right chair can make you feel better.  Heck, it almost becomes part of you.  Your cabinet, not so much.  At least it used to be that way.

Now, there are lots more choices than the standard metal files of yesterday.  Today you have many different colors and configurations to choose from.  Check out these cards featuring Contain storage by HON.


Here is an exciting video that shows the variety of choices and configurations available for your credenzas, pedestals and overhead storage, now available in VOI.


Don’t need anything that fancy?   There are plenty of functional file cabinets and storage options to meet the demands of those folks who need a simple cabinet.  These are built to last and easy to blend into any office space, whether it’s HON's “value solution” called Brigade or the “premier” Flagship line. 


HON Smartlink Storage, which is part of an entire collection of desks, chairs, and tables, is designed for the classroom to help teachers, “manage change and control clutter”.


Before I go I wanna leave you with some information that may prove helpful as you determine the size of cabinet you need.  It’s called the Lateral-to-Vertical Table.

Use it to learn how many inches of filing space you will have per drawer depending on the type of cabinet you buy.


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