So, what is the difference between a lateral file and a vertical file anyway? How do you know which one is best for you? Your choice of filing is going to come down to two things. Your space and your budget. Here are some other reasons you might consider a lateral file or a vertical file.

Reasons to Choose a Lateral File

Space Savers. Laterals line up against your wall and take up little of your interior area

Lateral Files grow with you. Start with one or two and add them more as your needs grow.

Versatility . Most lateral files allow front to back or side by side filing. They also come in 2,3,4 or even 5 drawer versions. You can even find files that have a flipper drawer as your top drawer to hold your binders

Extra Surface Space Two and three drawer lateral files will give you extra surface space. Place your printer, plant, photos, or a coffee maker on these surface to personalize your space

Accessibility Because your drawers are not opening as far, you can see more.

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Reasons to Choose a Vertical File

Your budget. Vertical files are have been the proven filing solution for years. They are more options for vertical files and better, more competitive prices. If you want to keep your budget in line, look for vertical options.

Mobility. Two drawer files can come with castors, making these easily accessible to your entire department. For vertical files with three or more drawers, add a caddy to get it moving.

Storage Vertical files have depth to them. You can easily store a ton of files in these. Consider a vertical file for your archives

Your DIY Desk – Some of the most creative and budget friendly desks are those you make yourself. Get yourself a door and two of the two drawer vertical files for a DIY desk that takes just minutes.

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