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So, you have your desk and a great chair to sit on, but it just seems like something is missing.  Maybe there is. There are amenities such as footrests, keyboard trays, wire management, etc. that can make a real difference in how you work and how you’ll feel at the end of the day. 

These accessories below can take you from a plain office space to a complete workstation.  These are the things that can change your day, the way you work and the way you feel.  They allow you to work better and be healthier.  Here’s my “two cents” toward a better understanding of how each of these additions can make a difference in your work environment.

  • Footrests are the hidden heroes in an ergonomic set up. They remain under your desk, unseen, without the glory a standing desk riser might get.  But, they can benefit your legs, your lower back and your circulation (not to mention how great they feel if you get one with heat & those little rolling balls!)  If you’re on the shorter side, a footrest can make all the difference in how you fit into your workspace.
  • Good lighting can really change your environment for the better. It can ease strain on your eyes and help reduce headaches.   Consider turning off your fluorescent lights and using lamps with incandescent bulbs for a warmer, more homey feel.
  • Organizers are great because...well, they help keep you organized, which just make your job easier and helps those of us with OCD feel much better about your space!
  • Keyboard Trays not only gets your keyboard off your desk, freeing up space, they help you down the path to ergonomic nirvana. An adjustable tray will allow you to adjust he  typing angle of your wrist, the height of your keyboard and more.  All of this can eliminate aches, pains and strains on your wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and back. 
  • Monitor Arms lift your monitor off your desk freeing up space. They also allow the monitors to pivot and move which is nice, especially if you find you have a pretty active space and use your screens for impromptu meetings where team members need to see them.
  • Wire Management simply keeps all your lines, wires and cables, neatly channeled out of the way. You will appreciate this most if you’ve ever had your feet tangled up in the wires under your desk, unplugging stuff!
  • Sit-To-Stand options are the trend right now for a reason. They are simply a healthier way to work.  By standing at your desk you can increase productivity, better your physical and mental health and may actually live longer!

Even adding one of these to your present office space really can make a difference.  Think about how you feel, where it hurts or what you may need in your space, then consider making a change for the better.



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