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Alright, I can hear you asking, "Todd, why the fat are you writing your Friday blog on Monday?"  Well, I've been a little swamped.  I meant to write over the weekend and that just didn't happen. But, I'm here now, so let's get to it.

Just recently I have been working on a small furniture project.  I showed a piece of furniture to this client that they had never seen before.  She loved it and as a matter of fact they've ordered 2 of them.  So, I thought I would show 'em to you!

They're called Multi Files or Personal Storage Towers or  Personal Storage Center Lateral Files...  Whatever you wanna call it, this is them,


Here are two good looking files from the Lorell Ascent Series.  These are pretty nice at an even nicer price.  I have 'em pictured in Mahogany and Cherry laminate.




 They also come in an elongated version that includes a storage and a wardrobe cabinet. I have one of these in my office and it's nice.  A small footprint but with plenty of space.




Yep, they come in metal as well.  Here are a couple more from Lorell:




You can see for yourself how much more these files can do using just about the same amount of floor space as a plain lateral file.  You'll experience the value of the taller storage towers especially so if you're in crowded or small offices.

Y'all give me a call and I'll be happy to help you find a cabinet that fits nicely into your personal office furniture paradise.


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