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For the last few weeks I’ve written about sit to stand stuff, highlighted some cool products and shared some of the benefits of standing more while at work.  Well, that’s enough standing for now so, y’all have a seat.


Today, I wanna shed some light on one our vendors.  It’s the good folks of OFM, Inc. headquartered down in Holly Springs, North Carolina.  They’ve been around since 1995 and now have distribution operations from right here in PA all the way over there in California.


OFM has a solid catalog of items for the Education, Healthcare and Hospitality Industries that includes office furniture for business, government, schools, hospitals, and churches.  But before I show you some of their more eye-catching pieces, I wanna share OFM’s "Greenness" with you.  Just check out the photo below.  I’ll let them tell you about it:

At OFM, we are creating a green environment. After installing a 500-kilowatt system made up of 2,084 solar panels on the roof our main headquarters in North Carolina we are now carbon-neutral. We are also certified as a New Renewable Energy Facility.


 Again, I’ll let them tell you about their Greenguard Products, environment friendly seating, shelving, tables and carts.

You want to be environmentally responsible and so do we. That's why OFM created a complete line of products designed to the strictest green specifications for you and your office or school furniture needs that guarantees products with low chemical emissions. At the same time, we hold these products to our same high standards of quality and price making sure you get nothing but the best, so you don't have to sacrifice going green.

You can read some more here:     https://www.ofminc.com/our-green-future.asp


Alright, now let me show you a few OFM standouts. Here is a sample of the panel system called Rize.  The best feature of these babies is they snap together, no tools required to install.  If you’re in need of some workstations and need them in a hurry, these are the ones for you.



Here is a pretty cool bench seat and cluster Table.    If you visit the OFM site you can see videos to learn more about these and other products.





 And now, for my favorite.  This chair is from their new Essentials group of furniture.  This is my chair and as you can see below, when I’m not in it, the cat is!


Okay, I'm done, but don't leave!  Click on any one of the links above and check out more of the OFM available here at eOfficeDirect.  Thanks so much for stopping by!



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