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When it comes to buying furniture for the office, it isn’t always easy making decisions about how much money to invest and what to invest it in.  Here is a list of things I’ve learned over the years, to help you make the most of your office furniture budget.

“A poor man can’t afford cheap tools”.  

Cheap tools don’t last and you will simply have to buy them again.  The same idea can apply to furniture.  Cheap furniture is cheap for a reason.  There really is a difference in “contract” furniture compared to furniture from a big box store that comes in a small box, with lots of pieces and parts constructed of cheap particle board. Contract furniture is designed and built to endure an office environment and usually comes with a better warranty.

You sit in your chair, not on your desk! 

So, please don’t skimp on seating. Far too often I have seen people spend most of their budget on desks, files and tables, then use whatever money is leftover to buy their chairs. Chairs have such a greater effect on how you and others feel during the work day. The desk and the file cabinets hold your stuff.  Your chair holds you! 

Buy furniture you can grow into. 

I have recommended this to so many clients over the years.  Don’t just think about today but think about tomorrow, even 1 or 2 years down the road. Here’s what I mean:

Chairs - buy task chairs that are adjustable.  The employee you have today may not be there next year, so have a chair that is fully adjustable to accommodate the next guy or gal you hire.

Files Cabinets– Buy enough storage space for the files you have today plus the files you will accumulate tomorrow.  You are going to grow, right?

Desks – Consider sit to stand desks.  They work for those who need to sit, those that wanna stand and all of us in between.  The bases for many adjustable height tables are wheelchair accessible.

Ordering direct

Ordering direct from the manufacturer is often the least expensive way to buy furniture. Here at eOfficeDirect, we offer two options on most pieces.  Fast, free delivery in a couple of days or for a better price, if you’re willing to wait a little bit.  You should consider the savings if you can wait.

 Lastly, big word of the day, Collaboration! 

Create spaces that can be used by your team individually or as a group.  That way you’re buying furniture for one space to be used by lots of people for lots of different reasons.


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