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This weekend, as I walked my dog around the neighborhood, I was struck by the number of American flags decorating the sidewalks, gardens and windows of my neighbors.  Many of the flags were put out close to Memorial Day.   More were added to celebrate the 4th.  And It seems no one is in a hurry to remove them.  Whatever hatred for our flag exists or guilt projected by others toward an outward expression of Patriotism, doesn’t seem to bother these folks.


Last week I wrote about the desire from many consumers to buy American made products.  This morning I thought I would catch a wave on this rising tide of American pride, to introduce to you another company who’s products, made in America, we are proud to sell – E. S. Robbins.


I’m talking about Chair mats.  It’s one of those things folks often don’t think about ‘til they sit in  their new chair and try to scoot up to the desk.  If you're on carpet,  It’s sorta like walking in the mud, not very easy to move. If you’re on a surface like nice hard wood floors, it doesn't take long for you to realize you're gonna ruin them!  So, let’s talk a look at some ESR mats:


Basically, there are two types of mat's - one for carpet and one for hard surfaces.  Within those, there are lots of options in size, design, color and even anti-static features.  Let's start here with how to choose the right one for your office.




Once you figure out what kind of mat you need then you get to pick what shape, color and style fits your personality.  Here are two videos showcasing some ESR mats you may not be familiar with:



Here is their folding mat.  Yep, you read that right, a  folding chair mat.  This video compares the ESR Foldable to a rolled mat, along with some of the frustrations that come with them:



I'll be back next time with more products from the ES Robbins Company.  They have lot's neat things, all made in America to make your work life better.  So please check back in a few days for part two!



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