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I am a history buff and a trivia nerd.  To the annoyance of my dear family, I often hear a saying, notice a building or even note the food we're eating and will offer up a little nugget of trivia.  Yep, I’m that guy.  So, today I thought I would pass along a little Christmas history to you.


  • The Christmas tree made its way to America in the 1830s but wasn’t popular until 1846, after Germany’s Prince Albert brought it to England when he married Queen Victoria. The two were sketched in front of a Christmas tree and the tradition instantly became popular.


  • The family was becoming less disciplined and more sensitive to the emotional needs of children during the early 1800s. Christmas provided families with a day when they could lavish attention-and gifts-on their children without appearing to “spoil” them.


  •  From 1659 to 1681, the celebration of Christmas was outlawed in Boston, and law-breakers were fined five shillings.


    • Stockings come from this story: A poor man with three daughters couldn’t afford the dowry to have them married. One night, St. Nicholas dropped a bag of gold down the man’s chimney so that his oldest daughter would be able to get married, and the bag fell into a stocking that was drying by the fire.


    • The image of Santa Claus flying in a sleigh started in 1819...and was dreamt up by the same author who created the Headless Horseman, Washington Irving.


    • Rudolph was actually conceived by a department store, Montgomery Ward, as a marketing gimmick to get kids to buy holiday coloring books.


    • Rudolph almost didn’t have a red nose either: At the time, a red nose was a sign of chronic alcoholism and Montgomery Ward thought he would look like a drunkard.


    • The name eggnog comes from the word “grog,” which refers to any drink made with rum.


    • Silent Night” is the most recorded Christmas song in history, with over 733 different versions copyrighted since 1978.


    • Boston church leaders tried to have the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” banned in the 1950s because they thought it "promoted physical intimacy" Singer Jimmy Boyd had to fly to Boston and explain to them why it wasn’t obscene. 


    • Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is considered to be the most popular Christmas song now.


    Thanks again to all of you that helped make 2017 a wonderful, exciting and successful year for eOfficeDirect.  We look forward to next year with the expectation of even greater success.  But, for now, let's enjoy what's left of 2017.  Enjoy the time off, enjoy the people in your world. I hope y'all make some great new memories over the next week.

    With that we all would like to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas!!



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