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Two weeks before Christmas, two weeks!  My beautiful wife and I went out to shop the other day and I suspect many of you did the same.  But, if you didn’t get it all done, don’t lose heart. EOD is here to help.


I mentioned last week we all have someone on our list that seems to have everything and I tried to give you a few ideas.  Well, today I’ll share a few more ideas that would work for them and any one else on your list.


My wife and I attend High School basketball games, a lot! Those bleachers are built for space and numbers, not comfort.  So, how about a stadium seat with the HS logo embroidered on the back?  Now you can sit happy and in style. Talk about team spirit!



Remember the last time you got speakers or a monitor for your desk?  Remember having to plug it in?  Well then, you know it can be rather unpleasant to crawl under your desk to plug something into an outlet.  It's dark, dirty and sometimes you have to contort your body in ways that grow more difficult as we get older.  Here is a great option to make plugging in much easier. 



I value good books.  Last year I asked for and received a new bookcase (thanks again guys!)  Now, I can display and have ready access to all my favorites.  Here is a neat little bookcase you may have never seen before.  It takes a small footprint of space and looks great!



Got an old desk that needs sprucing up?  Maybe a new desk you wanna keep spiffy and deck out with a few sweet looking desk accessories?    Here is a series from Sanford that really is nice. 






Now look, you have two weeks to shop, don’t procrastinate! We are good at what we do but we cannot do the impossible and slow down time.  Call us today and will be happy to help scratch those names off your list.



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Nicely written, They are great gift ideas.

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