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Hello America,


Well, both political conventions are over and now the battle for the presidency begins.  I am afraid it may get even uglier than it’s been already.  So, when you get tired of hearing folks tear each other down just remember, the Olympics are starting soon.  Here we can discover new athletes to root for and find new heroes to celebrate with.


While you’re in the office, whether you’re listening to sports or politics, you should at least have a decent chair to sit in.  I see people spend lots of money on their desks and tables, but try to save money on their chairs.  But, you don’t sit on your desk!  You spend 8 hours or more in your chair a day.  A good chair will help you work better, learn better and be better.


So, today I wanna show you a chair that might just fit the bill next time you need a good chair for the conference room, the classroom or your private office, for a quick meeting.  It’s called a “Nesting” chair, because you can fold the seat up and nest the chairs together, to save space.  Here is a great example from Basyx by HON:


  BSX-VL302MM10   $288.99/Carton of 2

Many nesting chairs have a small footprint, meaning they take up little space, but a really comfortable seat.  The nesting capability can make life easy if your stuck with a small conference room or use your space for multiple events.  Once these chairs are tightly fit together, you can simply push them out of the way.  Here is a nice little chair from Lorell.  You can see how this one could be used as a nice guest chair in an office or wheeled down the hall for extra seating for a conference.

  LLR-84374     $229/Carton of 2


If you’ve never heard of a nesting chair before today or never considered one for your office, I encourage you to do so.  You often have the same range of fabric choices as other chairs.  You may get them with or without arms, plastic seat or upholstered, with casters or without. 


See y’all next week



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