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Today I wanna share a few new things from Hon furniture company.  I joined in a webinar this morning and learned among other things, about a new line of furniture called Concinnity.


Listening and seeing this new line for the first time, reminded me of reading a review about a new car.  I heard words like “Flexibility”, “Modularity” and the phrase “Fit and Finish”.  With Concinnity you can, “customize this to get whatever you want”, but without jumping up to the price of an "LX" model SUV.


And, it is nice, with a wide range of desks, storage and tables, it seems to fit just about anywhere, including reception areas and standing desks!


There are lots of options, like mix & match laminates, sliding overhead doors that can lock, mobile tables and neat things like bookcases that double as desk top supports.  Of course there is more, but why read, when you can watch a nifty video animation?


Grove is new line of entry level seating.  Leave the office, escape the cubicle, grab a cup of coffee and get together in the lounge.  You can have an impromptu meeting in Grove seating quit comfortably and that’s the idea.  Here is a brochure about Grove fitting nicely in a High School or University setting.



 It is designed to be comfortable, sorta like college student lounge furniture, but it's also functional.  You can plug in with the optional power outlets and take notes with the tablet arms for support.  There is a good choice of arm options to fit the personality of any office.


Lastly, Flock has a nice new addition with the laminate top you can add to their cylinders or squares to use as a nice little place to hold your coffee, lunch or work stuff.

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