Lets talk New Year Resolutions.

Each year, I make them and then break them. One year, I took a notebook and wrote down all the changes I wanted to make that year and at the end of the year, that notebook was just as blank as day one. Yes, it's a great time to make changes, but it is also a great time to appreciate who you are and make goals to become the best you that you can be.

Here are a few ways to keep your New Years Resolutions in 2018.

Create Obtainable Goals

We are told as kids that we can be anything we want when we grow up.    My six year old niece once replied that she wanted to be a white tiger or move to France and grow a large mustache that she could twirl.  These were dreams and fun dreams too!

Some of my friends make big goals and keep them.  They circle the date and make sure they reach that goal in time.  While I wish that were me too, it is just not possible for everyone.

If your goal is to graduate from a school, enroll in one or two classes in the upcoming semester.   You want to learn guitar?  Great!  Check your local area and see if there are free classes in your area.  Your local library may also have books and videos on learning to play the instrument you always dreamed of.

Use Your Resources

We mentioned for the aspiring musician that the library is full of resources.  Best of all, that resource is free. Remember going to the library to checking out the books?  Now your libraries offer free classes , clubs, trips and more.  

Do you have a community center in town?  Check out the webpage or the Facebook page in your area to see what classes are being offered.  You can find most at a nice discount and you will be supporting your community as well!

Your online community is also there to help you reach your goals.   One of my favorite things to do on Facebook is to review community events and Facebook groups.  You never know who you might find or what you might find.

Make your Goals Personal

Lastly, make your goals personal. You know yourself better then anyone else.  Be fair to you.  You are the only one that is going to judge yourself on the goals you make.  Celebrate your small victories!  If your getting healthier this year, congrats on making that decision!  Find people or a group that will help build you up and keep you accountable. 

Welcome to 2018 friends! 




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