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Today, I wanna show you some bench seating.  Benches fit nicely into a variety of spaces.  I’ve sold them to schools to accommodate both parents and kids.  You’ve probably seen them in hospitals or maybe your doctor’s office. They work well for all kinds of lounge and lobby projects as well as collaborative spaces.  These are really nice if your looking for something to fit into a small space like a hallway or small foyer.


You get the idea, so let's take a look, shall we? Okay, scoot up a little closer and lean in, so you can see better!  We'll start with the Alera WL Reception Bench.  These are pretty traditional with mahogany wood frame and leather upholstery.  A very nice look, adding a richness to any office space.



I like this series from OFM, called the "Axis".  These offer a more modern look with simple solid colors in an Anti-microbial Vinyl with chrome base.  This bench offers a weight capacity of 500lbs. 




If your into function without the frills, then the Alera WE series is for you.  Available in arc shapes, cylinders and squares, these seats are simple and clean, but certainly not boring. 


 Here is the Arc bench.  Use this along with other pieces to configure some nice collaborative spaces.




Pretty neat huh?  Go ahead, click on one of the links above to look at more options.  Next time you have a small space to fill, a big room you want to turn into a collaborative "think space" or you just want something a little different, remember the simple but stylish bench.




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