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I've written before about the desire from many consumers to buy American made products. I thought I would tell you again about a company whos name we're proud to promote on our site.  The company is E. S. Robbins and this year marks their 50th anniversary making great products right here in the good ol’ USA.


I’m talking about Chair mats.  It’s one of those things folks often don’t think about ‘til they sit in  their new chair and try to scoot up to the desk.  If you're on carpet, It’s sorta like walking in the mud, not very easy to move. If you’re on a surface like nice hard wood floors, it doesn't take long for you to realize you're gonna ruin them!  E. S. Robbins has just about every type of chairmat you could want and need.  But, there’s one in particular I want to spotlight for you.


As most of you know standing at work is a big deal right now in the office furniture world.  By big deal, I mean it’s probably the biggest change in how people are working.  It’s right up there with working from home and working collaboratively, in open spaces instead of being stuck in a cubicle all day.  But, I’ll talk about those things some other time.


Standing at work is great, but can be hard on your feet, especially if you don’t have comfy shoes and a comfy mat, on which to stand.  Well, E. S. Robbins has made a mat you can use under your chair, while you sit or under your feet, when you decide to stand. Introducing the revolutionary All-In-One Sit or Stand Mat. 


Here is great video demonstrating how this mat could be the only one you’ll ever need.  It’s short, take a look and see what I mean!  It's available for carpet and hardwood floors as you'll see...



How about that, pretty neat huh? And, you can get one right here at eOfficeDirect.  We'll even ship it to you for free!  



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