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I am still surfin’ the made in the USA wave from last week and ready to share part two of my blog about the good folks from E. S. Robbins.  These guys are proud to make and sell stuff right here in the USA.  This year marks E. S. Robbins 50th anniversary!  Congratulations guys (and gals).


I will be brief today.  It’s not that I don’t have lot’s to say, nope, it’s certainly not that.  I just figured I would give you an easy day, sorta like having a substitute teacher in high school and show you a video.  This one is about a chairmat made for your chair and also for your feet.  Hmmm...




As most of you know standing at work is a big deal right now in the office furniture world.  By big deal, I mean it’s probably the biggest change in how people are working.  It’s right up there with working from home and working collaboratively, in open spaces instead of being stuck in a cubicle all day.  But, I’ll talk about those things some other time.


Standing at work is great, but can be hard on your feet, especially if you don’t have comfy shoes and a comfy mat, on which to stand.  Well, E. S. Robbins has made a mat you can use with your chair and help you stay more comfortable, when you decide to stand. One problem for painful feet solved. The shoes are up to you.  Introducing the revolutionary All-In-One Sit or Stand Mat.



How about that, pretty neat huh?  You can get one right here at eOfficeDirect and we'll even ship it to you for free!  Thanks for stopping buy and come back again soon!  Class dismissed...



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