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 HON Ignition 2.0

If you're "in the know" about office furniture, then you've heard of HON.  If you know HON pretty well, you're most likely familiar with the Ignition Series. It's been a hit in the furniture world for some time now.  Today, I wanna share with you Ignition 2.0.  For all you HON fans, this isn’t a “New Coke” blunder by the company.  They haven’t changed the formula that made this chair a number one seller.  They’ve simply added to the line by giving us more options.

 HON Ignition 2.0 Mid-Back Task Chair in Black with Lumbar Support and Adjustable Arms


In a nut shell, here are my top four additions to the chair:


    • Ilira Stretch - This was the #1 option request.  Ilira provides a 4 way stretch for a super comfortable fit and feel.  A real step up from ordinary mesh!


      • New Back Design - The new 2.0 back provides better passive ergonomics, which is a big worded way to say it feels good without you having to make a bunch of adjustments.  Did you see the adjustable lumbar option in the photo above?  Sweet!


      • Color  - The Ilira stretch is available in 5 color options: Black, Fog, Chai, Navy and Charcoal.  The frame, arms and base are now available in Titanium.  If you are into grey, you're gonna love that. 


      • Lower Price - This chair is available in a knocked down version which offers slimmer packaging and thus allows Ignition 2.0 to reach a lower price. Read - Assembly Required.


      Check out this short video from HON to learn a little more about what sets this chair apart:


      That's it for me but, wait, don't leave.  You're already here so why not go look around, see what's new or give us a call.  Were really nice people and happy to help out. 


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