Do you remember the valentine’s day exchange at school when you were growing up? Some of our favorite memories are making homemade valentines and sweet treats to pass out to the entire class. Those days are behind us, but we can still have a little fun on Valentines day at the office.

February is also American Heart Month.  It's  a great time to show your love for the people that make every day a success.

Here are six ways to celebrate Valentines Day at the Office


Sweet treats

What's Valentines Day with a sweetie.  Treat your department or your team with a sweet treat.  Bring in some donuts, cupcakes ,cookies or candy to make it a truly “sweet” day.  Don’t forget the punch!  Check out these Cupid Floats from Somewhat Simple.



Focus on Heart Health

While the sweet stuff may be nice on Valentine’s day, we cannot forget about heart health.  Offer employees heart healthy snacks, like almonds, cashews and trail mix. You can see loads more of heart healthy snacks from the American Heart Association.

Paint the town Red with your Office Supplies

Brighten up your desktop with fun and colorful office supplies. A few of our favorites are this red high heel Swingline Stapler and the Pilot Precise Rolling Ball Pens. If red isn’t your color, Post It Makes the most adorable heart shaped note pads.


Origami Paper Hearts 

Show off your skills and create a paper origami heart in just a few easy steps. For the best results, use an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of colored paper and have fun!


Image credit : blueistyle

Desk Decorations

Show your desk some love with a plant or a succulent. You could bring in a Valentines’ mug (think Dollar Store) to celebrate. These LOVE Scrabble Letters made from wooden squares are perfect for your desk or for the breakroom table.

Watch “The Office” Valentine’s Day Episode

Do this on your own time! Find the Valentines’ Day episodes of the Office on Netflix and see if Michael finds love at the Lonely Hearts party.

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s day at the office, have fun and show appreciation to your co-workers and your customers!

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