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Hey Everybody,


As I write this, I am glancing out a window.  The wind is blowing and it’s cold outside.  The spring flowers have been replaced with Mums. The garden, once green and fruitful is now bare. The leaves are falling from the trees and there are new birds coming to the feeder now.  Before long we will see the “snow spread like wool and the frost scattered like ashes”


It is that time of year, with the Holidays approaching, that so many of us are filled with emotion.  The memories of our past or the excitement of new moments to come, stir our hearts in ways only Thanksgiving and Christmas can. 


This is also a time for reflection.  A time for us to look back on our year, our good and not so good moments. Here at EOD we have been blessed.  Blessed by folks like you that trusted us, gave us a chance to impress you and we succeeded. 


Did we learn a lot along the way?  We certainly did!  We discovered our strengths and our weaknesses.  We continue to discover what works and what doesn’t.  It is our hope that the improvements we’ve made and continue to make, will change your experience, our business and our team for the better.


It’s Thanksgiving next week.   So, I want to thank you.  All of us at eOfficeDirect thank you, for finding us, giving us a shot, for allowing us to help you, for buying from us.  You made our first year a success.  But, it’s not just about money.  We have made new friends, new allies in the world of office furniture.  We want to be a company you can trust and depend on.  And, we will be. We are.


Thank you!!



EOD Furniture Guy/Blogger

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