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Hope y’all have had a good February thus far.  I turn 51 years old this month.  Not sure how I feel about that.  But, that’s a different blog.  Let’s talk some Office Furniture.


I have a project I’ve been working on, trying to find the perfect table for a small conference room.  I spent a while searching for just the right fit for this very tight space.  We wanted it functional, but at the same time to reflect the image my client wanted to project.  Well, I think I found the perfect table.  She said she “loved it!”  So, I thought I would share it with you today.


It’s made by Lorell . They provide a bunch of great furniture at an affordable price.  Now, that doesn’t mean cheap, it’s just what I said, affordable.  I sell it with pride and don’t hesitate to show it to folks on a tight budget.


Okay, here’s the table.  By the way, those are the Lorell Modern Chair Series shown in white and black leather.  A perfect chair for any conference room.

Isn't that a sharp looking table!  And yes, that's black glass.  Elegant, attractive, striking  good looks, for under $500!  Here's another look...

Here you have the perfect table for your "war room".  Grab a set of dry erase markers and work it out, "write" on the table surface.


This table can go from fashionable to functional, just like that and at such a good price point.  Add this one to your conference room for a touch of elegance without breaking the budget.


Thanks for stopping by.  Y'all come back now!



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