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Hey gang,

Welcome to the next exciting episode of the eOfficeDirect furniture blog.  That said, today I am not talking about furniture.  Nope, I’m gonna show you some furniture bling! That’s right, I wanna show you some great lighting accessories for your office .  So, let’s get to it, shall we?


Let me tell you, if you haven't seen the variety of lighting available nowadays you may be surprised.  Yep, we still have the classic green bankers lamp or the little black clamp on some of you may have had in college.  But we also have some really sleek, slim, colorful modern choices as well.  Lets look at just a sample of the collection you can find here on EOD:

Safco Vamp

Here's a nice sample from Safco called the "Vamp" available is Silver, White and Black.  It features a multi-pivot flexible neck and a Seven-step, touch dimming function.



Here's one from Pureoptics, with looks reminiscent of a Transformer, that has a removable head and memory function.

Lorell Desk Lamp

This little red corvette with a USB charger built in to the heavy base, under $70.  It's also available in White, Silver and Black.


  Make a statement with this beauty!



Here's a nice Floor Lamp.  I remember a couple of clients from the past put these in their office to make it feel more "homey".


Okay, I think y'all get the idea but, in case you don't, we have lot's of cool lamps!  If you wanna see more click on one of the product numbers above and have a look around.  Call us if need us!


Thanks y'all for stopping by and I'll see you next week!


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